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Coach Derrick Clark’s Planksgiving Challenge

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Vallejo Personal Trainer Coach Derrick Clark
Get your workout on with Coach Derrick Clark!

Start Coach Derrick Clarks Fit4Yu Planksgiving Challenge anytime before Thanksgiving.  Just spell out your favorite food and that’s your workout!




The Fitness Witness™ Program in Vallejo

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What if I told you that you could reach your goals with a higher success rate, faster, and without as many detours?

The right exercise with the right Fitness Witness™ (aka accountability partner) that’s fit 4 Yu provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, and healthy level competition. They can play the role of teammate, co-coach and cheerleader — all while working out.Call Coach Clark at (707) 704-8924 for specialized times and days that are fit 4 Yu!

Fit4Yu Studio “The Body Shop”

1422 Springs Road

Vallejo, California 94591




Customize Your Health With Exercise

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Yes, there is a reward every time you workout.  My clients sleep better, feel better and even THINK better regarding so many aspects of their health.  Good health pays off in the long run. You work hard for your health–so get your money and customize your lifestyle! ~ Coach Clark



#Fit4Yu Power Workout

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#Fit4yu Workout for The Day!
Do 3 to 5 rounds. Do 10, 12, or 15 reps/per side where applicable:
1. Push ups/knee push ups for modification
2. Jump Squats or Body weight Squats
3. Mountain Climbers /elevate on chair or wall for modification
4. Jumping Jacks/focus on cardio on these
5. Touch Touches/rope climbers for modification if you can’t keep your legs straight up in the air. On the rope climbers, cross your ankles and bend your knees. Right hand to the left toes and left hand to the right toes.

Now “get your money”!