The Fitness Witness™ Program in Vallejo

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What if I told you that you could reach your goals with a higher success rate, faster, and without as many detours?

The right exercise with the right Fitness Witness™ (aka accountability partner) that’s fit 4 Yu provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, and healthy level competition. They can play the role of teammate, co-coach and cheerleader — all while working out.Call Coach Clark at (707) 704-8924 for specialized times and days that are fit 4 Yu!

Fit4Yu Studio “The Body Shop”

1422 Springs Road

Vallejo, California 94591





Coach Clark’s Choice Picks: 626 Screen Printing

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fit4yu-t-shirt order

I want to give special thanks to Kimball Vaughan, CEO of 626 Screen Printing.  He does excellent work and my athletic wear sales are definitely up!  T-Shirts are a great way of promoting positive messages.  This could be the start of something BIG! ~Coach Clark

Men's Fit4Yu athletic gym shirts in green! Hot off the press!
Men’s Fit4Yu athletic gym shirts in green! Hot off the press!
FIT4YU Men’s and Woman’s Gym T-Shirts.
That's it! We commit to live fit!
That’s it! We commit to live fit! I just had to show you what the back of the T-shirt looked like…
626 Screen Printing does a great job packaging for my clients!
626 Screen Printing does a great job packaging for my clients!
626 Screen Printing has their work cut out for them. That's a lot of T-shirts!
626 Screen Printing has their work cut out for them. That’s a lot of T-shirts!



Taking the First Step in the #Fit4Yu Fitness Program

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fit4yu-commit to live fit

Society now knows how to react when people are talking about living fit and healthy.  You may even have had the greatest of intentions for working out or calling that personal trainer. But did you know that saying, “I have NO time 4 exercise” is really saying is “exercise isn’t my priority.”  Everything in life involves changing our lifestyle to what revolves around what we value most. If you aren’t finding it in your heart to exercise, just consider the people around you that need and love you.  I encourage you 2 be your absolute best 4 them in every aspect.

Maybe you’re asking how?

I’ll take care of that–just come see me about taking that first step.  You’ll find that your health was just one aspect of an even bigger picture.
contact me–I look forward 2 meeting you.
~Coach Clark

#Fit4Yu Power Workout

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#Fit4yu Workout for The Day!
Do 3 to 5 rounds. Do 10, 12, or 15 reps/per side where applicable:
1. Push ups/knee push ups for modification
2. Jump Squats or Body weight Squats
3. Mountain Climbers /elevate on chair or wall for modification
4. Jumping Jacks/focus on cardio on these
5. Touch Touches/rope climbers for modification if you can’t keep your legs straight up in the air. On the rope climbers, cross your ankles and bend your knees. Right hand to the left toes and left hand to the right toes.

Now “get your money”!

Am I losing weight or mass?

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Weight vs Mass

Unfortunately, when most of us feel uncomfortable in our body we focus on losing the weight rather than mass. So, why does knowing the difference make a difference? I’ll explain.
The mass of an object is the amount of matter that something is made up of. The weight on the other hand is simply related to the force by which gravity pulls that mass. So, if you’re dieting (successfully) you are losing mass. You are literally shedding matter off of your body and since there is “less” of you to pull by gravity, you are getting pulled with less force. When you step on the scale, there is less force pressed against it so it shows a lesser weight.
In a nutshell: Your WEIGHT is equal to your MASS times the GRAVITY of the Earth.

So basically, if you are a person weighing about 150lbs and you ship yourself to the moon, your weight will change (to 25lbs) because there is less gravity on the moon. Your mass hasn’t necessarily changed since you didn’t actually lose that weight.
REMEMBER: You want to lose MASS, NOT just weight. That is really what you want to feel better in your clothes. Your weight is simply a measurement of how much mass was lost.
You may ask: is this really so important to know the difference? Yes!
When you workout in my #FIT4YU sessions you will gain muscle- which means you will start to gain a good healthy weight. If you don’t understand this you will think your weight must always go down and become discouraged when really you should be patting yourself on the back!

~ Coach Derrick Clark