Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

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Wondering about weight loss vs fat loss?

Two-pounds-a-week is most everybody’s threshold for fat burn. If you drop 10 pounds in a week, the vast majority of that will be water weight and a little bit of muscle loss as well. Do it the smart way and make fitness your lifestyle-then we can transform the way you look!

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Obliques Group Training

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Shaving them obliques…….an increase in the load will increase the intensity. These young ladies were serious about their small group training at #Fit4yu Vallejo.


The oblique #muscles are located along the sides of your abdominal wall, running diagonally up and down. Weak obliques are visible with what we call, Love Handles. Since these muscles are usually out of the scope of most #cardio #workouts, at the Fit4Yu “Body Shop” it becomes essential to perform specialized #exercises like these to work them out!

Vallejo Fitness Small Group Training

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Small Group Training at the Vallejo Body Shop! This girl’s Volleyball Team gets the benefits of muscle building and toning along with an intense cardio workout. If you get bored trotting along on a treadmill or elliptical, my small group circuit training can fix that, too! The exercises options are endless!



The Fitness Witness™ Program in Vallejo

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What if I told you that you could reach your goals with a higher success rate, faster, and without as many detours?

The right exercise with the right Fitness Witness™ (aka accountability partner) that’s fit 4 Yu provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, and healthy level competition. They can play the role of teammate, co-coach and cheerleader — all while working out.Call Coach Clark at (707) 704-8924 for specialized times and days that are fit 4 Yu!

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