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Obliques Group Training

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Shaving them obliques…….an increase in the load will increase the intensity. These young ladies were serious about their small group training at #Fit4yu Vallejo.


The oblique #muscles are located along the sides of your abdominal wall, running diagonally up and down. Weak obliques are visible with what we call, Love Handles. Since these muscles are usually out of the scope of most #cardio #workouts, at the Fit4Yu “Body Shop” it becomes essential to perform specialized #exercises like these to work them out!


Fitness Knows No Age Limit! Vallejo is Bringing It On!

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These two ladies have remarkable stories about the commitment to health and wellness they’ve upheld a lifestyle to live fit.  

I can’t tell their story like they can, but I do know this, if mid-seventies and a knee replacement can’t stop these ladies, what is it so humongous in your life that’s hindering YOU!   Make a change, make a conscious choice to live fit.   Start and work at your fitness level.   I’ll help you with all the rest.  The motivating environment during group training is always customized to meet just what you need.    Join us…

We’ll do you good. ~Coach D. Clark

Fitness Bootcamp in Vallejo is for every age!