Power Suit, Power Workouts!

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Power suit, power workouts! Coach Derrick Clark at Fit4Yu wants YOU to commit to live fit!


The Vallejo Body Shop Team

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Thank you all for making the launch such a success at The Fit4Yu Vallejo Gym location.

“The Body Shop” launch was a great success. Here we are sporting out Fit4Yu T-Shirts.

I look forward to building the City of Vallejo from the inside out! Go, TEAM!




Vallejo Resident Fitness Testimonial

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There she is……..
Barbie’s Fitness Story: Barbie lives in Vallejo CA. Three years ago she received a long-term diagnosis that changed her life. Years before the diagnosis she was having trouble eating and gaining weight. That didn’t worry her too much until the weight loss was so severe her body wasn’t functioning properly. Basically, all the food she eats, her body could no longer process: the result was that her body was starving and her muscles began to atrophy from weakness.
As a couple, Chris and Barbie did research and got treatments and with consistent alternative treatments/supplements, VERY clean eating and continual support from her husband, Chris Stephens, and church community she is starting to get around more. Chris and Barbie decided on couple classes because much of what they do is keep the rigorous doctor’s appointments she still must attend. But, going out and doing something good for both their health and wellness really had its appeal! Here’s what she said about her first class at Fit4Yu:
“I was really nervous, I used to be a workout junkie before I got ill and didn’t know what to expect-I’m kind of self-conscious about all the weight loss and weakness I’ve had, too.
Coach Derrick Clark immediately assessed my movements and modified my workouts while I worked out with my husband. The energy in here is INCREDIBLE. It literally felt like it carried me to keep going. Coach knew how much I could do and didn’t let me overdo it while my husband got the full gamut. Coach even showed my husband some tricks on helping me with muscle spasming…which I get a lot. Thank you, JESUS, I’m looking forward to getting stronger!”

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Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

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Wondering about weight loss vs fat loss?

Two-pounds-a-week is most everybody’s threshold for fat burn. If you drop 10 pounds in a week, the vast majority of that will be water weight and a little bit of muscle loss as well. Do it the smart way and make fitness your lifestyle-then we can transform the way you look!

Stop by the Fit4Yu Studio in Vallejo and let’s talk!