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Forward Lunge Med-Ball Rotations

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Forward Lunge Med-Ball Rotations is an advanced version of the lunge that incorporates core and balance and trunk rotation. It strengthens the glutes, legs, core and shoulders and increases your calorie burn by raising your heart rate. This move uses multiple muscle groups making your whole body work harder and increasing both the challenge of the muscle work as well as the heart. If you do this move properly you’ll get an all-in-one move: strength, balance, and cardio.


Get Your Money With Mirror Drills!

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Mirror Drills at #Fit4Yu Vallejo Bootcamp!

How it’s done: One partner leads and can go forward, backward in no set pattern. The partner must follow the “Mirror Partner”  (the lead partner’s movement). The Lead Mirror Partner is trying to lose their partner while the other is trying to keep up.

You did it! Get that money!! ~Coach